WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL End of 2023 Casting Call/Photoshoot Party!

We want to thank everyone for coming out to the WESTHAVEN END of 2023 Casting and After Party.  It was a success and most of you have been asking when’s the next one …so yes, we are already planning it.

For those of you who want to JOIN WESTHAVEN, please feel free to apply by clicking “JOIN”

As discussed, WESTHAVEN is a 4 department conglomerate:

1. WESTHAVEN MGMT GROUP is composed of 33 companies of talent management covering all of the genres of the types of models, actors, trainers, speakers, recording artists, and athletes.  WESTHAVEN MGMT represents talent IN FRONT of the camera.

2. WESTHAVEN CREATIVE is management for creatives.  There are 22 categories of creators including photographers, filmmakers, writers, producers, musicians, makeup artists, hair stylists, designers, wardrobe stylists, etc. WESTHAVEN CREATIVE represents talent BEHIND the camera.

3. WESTHAVEN MEDIA is a publishing house of 11 magazines and special project publications, artbooks, science and history reports, etc.

4. WESTHAVEN ONLINE NETWORK (W.O.N.)!  We are the first agency in the world to own our own streaming network, with 11 channels covering the gamut of types of entertainment and educational content.  Through W.O.N. we can monetize your creativity/special projects and document your journey in pursuing your interests.

Please remember to tag/credit: @westhavenmgmt @shimelkemoa @photospherestudios @celestewesthaven @azylazallelu @amodelfamily_ @dafotographa_

Click the links below to access footage.

Photos by PHOTOSPHERE Studios


Videos by PHOTOSPHERE Studios


Photos by @dafotographa_