WESTHAVEN CREATIVE is the Corporate Group which
represents creative professionals in the arts,
fashion and entertainment industry.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL, WESTHAVEN CREATIVE combines a well-established roster of amazing creative talent with the production expertise and corporate savvy needed to solidify business opportunities and crystallize careers in the creative arts.

WESTHAVEN CREATIVE is comprised  of 22 different companies each specializing in service and representation of a different creative expression.

01. KALEIDOSCOPE (Photographers, Videographers, Filmmakers, Directors/Producers)
02. LUXAI BEAUTY CREATIVES (Hairstylists, MUA, Beauticians, GlamSquads)
03. CROWN IP (Market Research, Processing and Acquisition of Intellectual Property relation to the Fashion, Arts and Entertainment Industries)
04. FALCONCREST FASHION HOUSE (Development, Promotions and Merchandising for Designers)
05.CHOSENHOUSE FASHION MEDIA (Events Coverage and Marketing)
06. THRONE MEDIA DISTRIBUTION (Distribution Consults and Brokers)
07. MAJESTIC EVENTS (Production House for Fashion Events, Trade Shows, Concerts, Management of Event Producers)
08. SANGUINE (Service-based entity and Manager of Public Relations, Promotions and Marketing Consultants)
09. REALM (Management and Coordination of Talent Trainers, Instructors and Coaches)
10. VALIANT (Manager of Voice Over Artists, Talk Show Hosts, Radio Personalities and Technical Production Experts)
11. EXQUISITE STYLE (Management of Stylists, Fashion Bloggers, and Fashion PR)
12. HAVENSHARE (Management of Philanthropy/Celebr8, Celebrity Gifting)
13. SWORD (Security Experts, Security Consultants, Cyber Security)
14. SCEPTRE (Hiring of Event Staffing, Caterers, Hosting for Conferences, Showrooms, Seminars, etc.)
15. GRAND CASTLE CASTING (Comprehensive Casting Service)
16. ROYAL CROWN FILMS (Representation and Project Consultants for Film and TV and Web Productions)
17. CAVALIER (Management of Dancers/Choreographers, Theatrical & Dance Producers)
18. CAVALRY (Management & Booking of Production Staff/Techs, Stage Hands)
19. CHANCELLOR (Management of Writers, Playwrights, Screenwriters, Authors)
20. TOWER (Management and Resource-base for Graphic Designers, Retouchers, Coders, Info Tech and Cyber Security Specialists)
21. KNIGHTSQUEST (Management Consultant and Coordinator for Agencies, Bookers, Managers, and Talent Scouts)
22. DRAWBRIDGE (Management of Fine Artists, Art Sales Boutique, Art Dealers, Painters, Illustrators, Sculptors, etc.)