Reciprocity and gratitude are highly-valued
in the WESTHAVEN community.

“To Whom much is given much is required”
is parallel in our assessment to “Each One, Reach One.”

WESTHAVEN Management Group encourages all of its models
to select philanthropic endeavors to causes near and dear
to their hearts and as a corporation we emphasize making
those activities a central part of their branding
and career development.

In this department, we highlight our humanitarian endeavors
as well as the activities of our talent in contributing
to the world in which we live.

We know it is in our hands to make the world a better place.
Additionally, in fostering good will, philanthropy is just good business.

In this respect, WESTHAVEN identifies worthwhile endeavors and supports,
endorses and sponsors the continuation and promotions of their efforts
in our media presence and contributes no less than 10% of its corporate earnings
to charitable and community support foundations.

It is so important and enriching to give back.  In an industry misinterpreted
as being surface and frivolous, WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL makes its mark
by showing true and heart-felt concern for the serious issues
which people face everyday, at home as well as abroad.