More than a management company…

We now want to brand that WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONA was transformed into MORE THAN A MANAGEMENT COMPANY we are a global community of Models, Actors, Musicians, Athletes, Creative Impresarios, Designers, and influencers.

THE SUN NEVER SETS ON WESTHAVEN is now more than a catchphrase, it is a MANTRA of Global Self Empowerment.


WESTHAVEN WEEKLY is a journal of the ongoing developments of WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL as we chart our progress in a rapidly changing world. Check in every week as we highlight the accomplishments of our models, feature new faces and spotlight talnet of the week.

WESTHAVEN WEEKLY will also take eyes behind the scenes of major events, invigorate productions and editorial fashion shoots, and report on the industry as a whole.

To contribute story ideas and features, please email info@westhaveninternational.com.

First major runway show of London Fashion Week

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