What we do

We are an international talent management firm, representing one of the most diverse and striking boards in the business, and fully-integrated in all aspects of the fashion and entertainment industry and capable of assisting you pursue your aspirations in the creative markets domestically as well as abroad.  WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL is also a content producer, magazine publisher, brand manager, and a leader  in diversity, creativity and market expansion for hundreds of brands. We are now also a casting consultant for top television and film productions.

WESTHAVEN MANAGEMENT GROUP is unparalleled in its representation of a broad spectrum of diversity, reflecting the uniqueness and empowerment of all types of people around the world. 

WESTHAVEN MANAGEMENT GROUP demonstrates that there is intrinsic value in recognizing the beauty and power in each of us. To truly celebrate this range of talent, 

WESTHAVEN MANAGEMENT GROUP is comprised of 33 separate brands, each belonging to a particular genre of talent. 

WESTHAVEN CREATIVE is the Corporate Group which
represents creative professionals in the arts,
fashion and entertainment industry.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL,
WESTHAVEN CREATIVE combines a well-established roster
of amazing creative talent with the production expertise
and corporate savvy needed to solidify business opportunities
and crystallize careers in the creative arts.

WESTHAVEN CREATIVE is comprised  of 22 different companies
each specializing in service and representation of a different
creative expression.

Since 2010, WESTHAVEN MEDIA GROUP has published such trailblazing magazine titles as SUPERNALIA, The HORIZON Magazine,  the original SHARP MEN, DIMENSION MAG, CHOSEN MEN, ADAM:EVE, FINESSE and the internationally recognized EXALTA Magazine.

In 2019. WESTHAVEN MEDIA is launching an astounding 55 media brands as ART COLLECTIONS
each with different creative themes, an unprecedented initiative where creatives and talent will have new channels to present creative concepts as marketing venues for innovative fashion, beauty, lifestyle products and music.

WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL either sponsors, produces
or books runway models in top events, fashion shows,
entertainment productions and social gatherings
around the world.

In this division, we promote those activities and
present the highlights of our participation.

WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to making certain our talent, creatives, associates, and family have access to opportunities which may help them produce multiple streams of income.  We bring decades of experience in not only the arts and entertainment, but also in a diverse range of business activities which can assist you in building a foundation while you are pursuing your dreams. 



Common questions about our company. 

WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL is based in each major city represented on our board.  The heads of the company are based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  We currently do not have offices, but we will be looking to reopen offices once the current global situation changes. 

The heads of the company have been been in this industry for 20 years.  The corporation WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL was established in in 2016.  

We do represent and book models around the world.  Visit our MAP to see which cities we have talent. 

Yes, we represent children from 0-12, and teens from 13-17.  

Yes, we do.  MAGNIFICENT is our plus women’s board and REGULUS is our plus men’s board. 

When it comes to marketing to clients, the more specific we are in our presentation, the more effective our reach.  This is why we have one brand for each genre of talent.  

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Yes, we do provide free tips and training to our signed talent.  For those who need in depth one-on-one coaching, you can sign up for a course with ACADEMEDIA Arts.

We want our talent to have multiple streams of income.  You can see some of the ways by visiting our MONEY STREAMS page. 

Technically, you can never be too old to model.  Makeup brands have now widely used models over 40 years old.  Many luxury, medical, and real estate brands seek talent over the age of 60.  Iris Apfel, age 99, is still a working model.  

An “Inclusive Contract” is one in which all aspects of services required are provided given that the model and the manager/agent are openly communicating.  This is a contrast from an “Exclusive Contract” where you can only book through the company you are signed to.   In other words, we are more of a non-exclusive model, but we would like to be included and involved in your career.

A talent manager focuses on building a talent’s brand, guiding them to make good career choices, and manages business for the talent.  In contrast, an agent is primarily focused on booking the talent.