Reciprocity and Gratitude are highly valued principals in the WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL Community.

“To Whom much is given, Much is Required”

“Each One, Reach One.”

WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL encourages all of our talent to select charities and philanthropic endeavors to causes near and dear to their hearts and experiences.

As a corporation, we emphasize making those activities a central part of their branding and career development.

Likewise, WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL identifies worthwhile campaigns and supports, endorse and sponsors these efforts, provides media coverage and contributes no less than 10% of its net corporate earnings to charitable entities and community support foundations.

It is so important and beneficial to give back. In an industry of misinterpreted as being superficial and frivolous, WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL makes it mark by showing true leadership and sensitivity to the difficulties some people face every day.

If you would like to participate in the activities of HAVENSHARE or to make a contribution, please contact us: info@westhaveninternational.com