When It All Began

Having started in 2000 as a boutique management firm, WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL has transformed itself  into a corporate holding company serving as a canopy for talent management and media production companies operating in top fashion cities around the world.  WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL is more than a management company.  We are a global community of models, actors, musicians, athletes, and creatives.

Owned by the WESTHAVEN Family, the organization consists of an Executive Board of Directors and Regional Boards of Directors who represent both expertise in their fields and professional commitment to providing the best service to talent and clientele.

WESTHAVEN and its member brands have a winning reputation for discovering and developing amazing talent, breaking down barriers to entry in the complicated fashion and entertainment industries, producing edgy and memorable imagery and booking talent to high end as well as regionally prominent clients around the world.

With a unique corporate structure, unparalleled in the industry, WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL is a multi-tiered corporation with various departments handling different but integrated initiatives.