Thank you for your interest in working with Westhaven International!

WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL is an international talent management firm representing one of the most diverse and striking boards in the business and are fully-integrated in all aspects of the fashion and entertainment industries.  We are uniquely capable of assisting you to pursue your aspirations in the creative markets domestically as well as abroad.

WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL is also a content producer, magazine publisher, brand manager, and a leader in diversity, creativity and market expansion for hundreds of brands. We are now also a casting consultant for top television and film productions.
In order to move forward, we will need you to complete the following:

1. Please submit your name, measurements, photos and video HERE.  If you have trouble with the link, you may submit your information via email including your measurements, photos, and a brief video of why you want to work with WESTHAVEN and what type of work you want to do.  Include in the video your name and where you live.

2. Read the talent expectations sheet HERE.

3. Add us on Instagram @westhavenmgmt.  Whenever you post a new modeling image, story, or reel, tag @westhavenmgmt and DM to be featured.

Example Digitals:

Once you have done this, you are all set!  Our team will review your profile and if you are accepted, we will email you with additional information.

In today’s competitive market, looking good or having a great build is simply not enough.  You have to know how to sell  a look, an outfit, or idea.  You have to know how to appeal to your audience.  

In addition, there are do’s and do nots for interviews, go-sees, auditions and castings.  WESTHAVEN gives you the basics.  But if you want to really hone your skills and learn how to advance within the industry, we recommend you take classes with ACADEMEDIA ARTS.

Get one-on-one or small group sessions with seasoned professionals.  Get an opportunity to learn grooming and beauty secrets, how to network, what are the right questions to ask.  

Are you a great writer, secretly a photographer, gifted in dance, or an expert stylist???

We can help you package your creativity and market your skills to clients as a whole new career advancement.  

WESTHAVEN CREATIVE represents seasoned and new talent in an array of properties covering the area of creative management.

To join or get more information, click HERE.

WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL has an open door policy regarding new talent.  Although we are very selective and simply cannot sign everyone, we are always seeking to embrace our roster and give opportunities to promising new faces.

90% of our talent submit themselves directly through our website or via email.  WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL principles pride themselves on taking a very direct involvement in the acceptance or each and every model we decide to sign.  

WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL is now interviewing individuals interested in being a scout for new talent.  If you’d be interested in learning more about this opportunity, please call our Executive Director Atlas at +1.818.770.1526 or send us a direct message on Instagram.com/westhavenmgmt.