WESTHAVEN MANAGEMENT GROUP is unparalleled in its representation of true diversity, reflecting the uniqueness and empowerment of all types of people, all around the world.  It demonstrates that there is intrinsic value in recognizing the beauty and the power characteristic to each and every
one of us. As such, WESTHAVEN sets the new trend by launching 33 distinct management brands, each specializing in a particular market base and genre of the industry.

01. SMART MODEL MANAGEMENT (Representing Couture, High Fashion Models Ages 16-25)
02. KINGS & QUEENS MODEL MANAGEMENT (Representing Ethnic Couture Models/High Fashion Runway Talent)
03. REGALIA MODEL MANAGEMENT (Representing Fashion Models, Ages 25-35)
04. SOVEREIGN MODEL MANAGEMENT (Representing Fashion Models, Ages 35-50)
05. BRAVADO MODEL MANAGEMENT (Representing Classic High Fashion and Lifestyle Models, Ages 50 and beyond)
06. MONARCH ALLIANCE (Theatrical Representation for Actors)
07. MERIDIAN TALENT MANAGEMENT (Representing Adult Commercial and Lifestyle Models)
08. SALIENT TALENT ( Representing Models of the Extra Ordinary Aesthetique, Models on the Razor Sharp Edge of Unique Individuality)
09. DOMINA MODEL MANAGEMENT (Representing Bold Women Defying the Standard of Industry)
10. TERRITORY TALENT MANAGEMENT (Representing Leading Men Defying the Standards of Industry)
11. HELIOS TALENT (Representing Male Fitness, Body-builders, and Personal Trainers)
12. SELENE TALENT (Representing Female Fitness, Figure Models, Body-builders and Personal Trainers)
13. ASTRA TEEN MODEL MANAGEMENT (Representing Models 10-16)
14. EOS YOUTH MODEL MANAGEMENT (Representing Models 0-10)
15. MAGNIFICENT WOMEN (Representing Plus-Sized Women)
16. REGULUS MEN (Representing Big & Tall Men)
17. WE THE PEOPLE (Representing Real People)
18. THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE (Representing Indigenous Talent Promoting the Various Cultures of the World)
19. DEITY MANAGEMENT (Representing Talent Promoting Iconic Ideals and Imagery)
20. TRANSCEND TALENT (Representing Martial Artists, Massage Therapists, Meditators, Yogi's)
21. SAVANT TALENT MANAGEMENT Representing Individuals with Uniquely Gifted Minds)
22. VALIANT ARTISTS (Representing Recording Artists and Musical Performance Artists)
23. FORTRESS SPORTS (Representing Athletes and Sports Professionals)
24. COURTIER DANCERS (Representing Dancers, Choreographers and Contortionists)
25. CLAY TALENT MANAGEMENT (Representing Gender Fluid, Androgynous Models and Talent)
26. NARCISSUS TALENT MANAGEMENT (Representing Male Adult Entertainers, Erotic Performers and Fine Art Models)
27. GODIVA TALENT MANAGEMENT (Representing Female Adult Entertainers, Erotic Performers and Fine Art Models)
28. VANGUARDE (Representing Real life Heroes, Cosplay Professionals, Body Paint Models)
29. BEYOND MODEL MANAGEMENT (Representing Models Displaying Prosthetic, Technological Advancement, and Bionic Features)
30. HYBRID MODEL MANAGEMENT (Representing Genetically Enhanced or Surgically-altered Models)
31. GREEN MODEL MANAGEMENT (Representing Model who Champion Environmental Causes)
32. HABITAT MENAGERIE MANAGEMENT (Representing Animal Models/Actors and the People who hold special Relationships with Zoology/Advocates)
33. FLOWER BOTANICAL TALENT (Representing Extraordinary Plants and the People who hold Special Relationships with Botany/Advocates)