Heiros Westhaven


Celeste Westhaven




Athena Westhaven, Apollo Westhaven, Phoebe Westhaven, Zeus Westhaven, Kairos Westhaven, Selene Westhaven

Westhaven Mgmt Group

President/CEO Celeste Westhaven

Westhaven Creative

President/CEO Kronos Westhaven

Westhaven Online Network, Westhaven Media

President/Publisher/CEO Hieros Westhaven

Executive Director

Legal Council

Director of Operations


Public Relations

Atlas Aranais

Michael Loprieto

Heather Brown

James Brashean

April Carpenter


Ernest Birmingham

Charles Stuart

Edmond Newton

Vintory Blake Moore

Managing Directors

Carmina Suzanne – NYC

Yordanos Teshager – NYC

RJ Harper – NYC

Heather Sean – ATL

April May – CHI

Calvin Rollington

Larry Bigshot – CHI

Milo Bosphot – CHI

Bart Phillips – ATL

R. Logan – LV

Sejouix – Bahamas

Dian Thompson – Charlotte/ATL

Baquash Wilson – Dallas

Ryan Neal – NYC

Lorenzo Goode – ATL

Marketing Directors


Creative Directors

Rahul Ravi

Kendall Hacket

Markia Day

Marcellus Woodburn

Shimel Kemoa

Lakani Lao

Alahn brezan

Jay Matthews

Associate Directors

Kalvin Spikes – Las Vegas

Albert Martinez – 


Andrea Marie – Orlando

Samantha Delgado – Houston

Amelia – San Francisco

Kya – ATL

WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL is fortunate to have some of the most talented and successful creative directors, talent managers, trainers, marketing gurus and corporate consultants as part of its administrative roster.

The team works together fluidly under a mutually supportive canopy of trust, integrity and dedication to fostering an environment innovation, progressive thought, cultural inclusion and individual initiative. 

All efforts and activity is channeled through the executive body of the WESTHAVEN Family to maintain cohesiveness and a closely held center of communication , as they and a core staff work 24/7 to bring the best benefit to all involved in the company. .